Bragi CinemaScope hjemmebiograf projektor

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Barco Residential projectors are designed and built in our technology centers in Belgium and Norway. Know-how and craftmanship not only belong to our culture. They're part of our DNA.


Bragi Cinemascope

Bragi Cinemascope is taking its name from an historical ninth-century poet. His poems were so outstandingly artful and moving that subsequent generations imagined that, upon his death, Odin had appointed him the court poet of Valhalla. Bragi is also Odins son and Balders brother. That alone should say enough about the performance of this new projector.  
Bragi Cinemascope inherit Balders design language, optical core and lenses. Bragi will have the same PULSE electronic and SW platform powered by a revolutionizing new LED engine.

Bragi Cinemascope produces a stunning, wide and extremely consistent color gamut and a rich, vibrant color rendition. Low noise, with up to 50 000 hour life expectancy, 9 lens options and close to unlimited installation flexibility. Bragi CS delivers the ultimate and by far the best in image quality for smaller dedicated home cinema rooms we have ever seen, built or experienced before. In short, it is the best picture quality ever shown at this level.

Professional-grade optics

By basing Bragi’s cinemascope optical engine on it’s bigger brother Balder CS architecture, custom designed aspherical glass elements and enhanced low dispersion glass lenses, image quality is in a class of its own. To top that, Bragi CS’s frame and core is built in Aluminium and Magnesium. The result is the best picture quality ever shown at this level.

General specs

Bragi Cinemascope will be our smallest 5K projector, with 21,5kg weight, but also a small foot print, 450, 457, 244mm (wxdxh) Power consumption is low and the unit will whisper quietly at 30dB in full power. The projector will be producing 2100 perfect LED lumens. LED colors are more saturated, our eyes are tricked to interpret this as richer and brighter colors than they are physically measured. Bragi Cinemascope will offer colors in both REC709 and in P3/DCI color mode. 


Bragi CS has a unique automatic aspect ratio detection function. It will look for 2.40:1 content and automatically scale the image to fit the 5120x2160 resolution and of course change back to 16:9 (3840x2160) if you have content in that format. It will also change aspect ratio when a 2.40:1 format movie has a menu’s outside the active picture frame. You can also switch manually between the different formats. Read more about CinemaScope

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