Crystal Cube

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34.995,00 kr

Timeless Elegance

The CRYSTAL CUBE features a typically stylish ‘made-in-Italy’ design: a distinctive, contemporary cabinet enriched by a luxurious crystal finish by designer Giorgio Revoldini. Available in Black or White Crystalglass.

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Ideal for any home décor

Powerful, elegant, and always chic, CRYSTAL CUBE makes a dramatic statement in interior design. For the discerning customer, for the unique room, for a breathtaking approach to home theater projection, CRYSTAL CUBE delivers the “wow factor” not only with its performance, but also with its amazing, stylish cabinet design.
Its crystal-glass cabinet is perfect for adding a special and unique touch to suit any taste or room style - whether traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between - making it a classic, timeless piece of art, a true keepsake.
Each CRYSTAL CUBE is a unique masterpiece that celebrates the possibilities of design.


Technology: Single-chip DMD
Resolution: Full-HD - 1920 x 1080 pixels
Full 3D features
Light source: 200W UHP lamp (dimmable 165W)
Brightness: up to 2,300 Ansi Lumen (in 2D mode)
Lens throw ratio: 1.38-2.05:1
Picture size (inches diagonal): 50-180
Aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9, Anamorphic, Letterbox
Software control: upgradable via RS-232 or mini USB
Power supply: 100-240 VAC +/-10%
Power consumption: max. 260W
Projector weight: 9 kg. / 19.8 lbs
Projector dimensions (WxHxD): 315 x 190 x 315 mm
2x HDMI (v.1.4 with Deep Color)
1x S-Video (miniDIN 4 pin)
1x Composite Video (RCA)
1x Graphic RGBHV (D-sub HD15 pins)
1x Component - YCbCr/RGBs (RCA)
1x RS-232 (D-sub 9 pins)
1x miniUSB (B type - Service)
1x USB (A type - power only)
1x 3D Sync Out
1x Video OUT (monitor)
1x 12V 100mA output