Elac sub 2050

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9.600,00 kr

Deep impact.

Compact, powerful and app-controlled, the SUB 2050 uses a single 300 mm woofer driven by a 500-Watt BASH amplifier. Delivering impressive reproduction of the lowest frequencies, its size makes it the perfect complement to compact bookshelf or floorstanding speakers in stereo or multichannel applications.

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Speaker type: Powered subwoofer, closed box
Woofer: 1 x 300 mm AS cone
Frequency response: 19 to 180 Hz
Crossover frequency: 40 to 150 Hz, continuously adjustable
Amplifier Type: BASH-Tracking
Maximum amplifier power: 500 Watts Max
Standby power consumption: 1 Watt
Maximum power consumption: 700 Watts (full load)
Inputs: 2 x line-channel (RCA); 1 x ELAC WL-interface; 3 x LS level
Input sensitivity: 2 x 70 mV (RCA)
Input impedance: 20 kΩ (RCA)
Cabinet finish: High gloss black or white
Accessories included: AC power cable
Height: 17.3 in / 440 mm
Width: 15.0 in / 380 mm
Depth: 15.0 in / 380 mm
Net weight: 48.5 lb / 22.0 kg

**A Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy Android or IOS device is required to set up and operate this subwoofer.