MSR Dim4 Sonata 650 system

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124.995,00 kr

The Dimension4™ Sonata system is the workhorse of acoustical tuning for home theaters. A set of cost-effective systems with high performance absorbers and an array of diffuser patterns will enhance your room’s sound to the most audiophile standards.
Based on scientifically-designed building blocks of absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps, Sonata is pre-engineered to provide optimum sound quality without any complex acoustical calculations on the user’s part.


Pakken passer til rum på 65m2 og indeholder:

12 Absorber Panels 
2 Flat Bass Filters
8 Corner Bass Filters

6 Ceiling Cloud 
26 DR2 Diffusers
10 DC2 Diffusers

Pakken passer til rum på 65m2