Wolf Cinema TXF-1100

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Wolf Cinema blev grundlagt i 2008 og er et privatejet selskab, med hovedkontor i Berkeley, Californien. Virksomheden leverer nogle af de fineste billedfremvisnings muligheder for hjemmebiografer og med avancerede video og billede teknologier og deres ”core light engine” system som repræsenterer højdepunktet i en fremragende hjemmebiograf oplevelse.

Wolf Cinema’s TXF-1100 “Theater Extreme” Laser Cinema Projector

Introducing the TXF-1100 – an all-new “lampless” UHD/4K DLP® laser/phosphor imaging solution in Wolf Cinema’s Theater Extreme series. Suitable for home theater screens up to 14’ (~4.2 meters) wide, the TXF-1100 creates breathtakingly life-like images – with amazing 4K detail, superior color tracking and perfectly balanced peak white and contrast levels, from all SD, HD and UHD sources.
The TXF-1100 is built around Texas Instrument’s latest precision UHD/4K chip set, boasting 4.15 million micro mirors (2716 x 1528 native), which then utilizes XPR ultra-fast switching technology – each micro mirror correctly renders two on-screen pixels – to effectively double the on-screen resolution to accurately present 8.3 million pixels, each video frame.
Delivering 3000 ANSI lumens of peak white and boasting superior black level renditions – including the ability to present the latest HDR10 encoded content for ultra-wide contrast performances from favorite sources – the TXF-1100 delivers all the imaging excellence our clients around the world have come to expect from Wolf Cinema!
Our team hand-builds each unit, loads Wolf Cinema’s custom calibration settings, tests for thermal stability and much more. This attention to detail ensures that each projector will look its very best – right out of the box – and perform for years to come.
Enthusiasts can also select from one of our optional 4K ProScaler video processors, providing advanced video processing via multiple HDMI 4K60p inputs and outputs – with improved performance from both the projector and AV system components. Perhaps most important, the ProScaler’s remarkable E-VariScopeTM technology makes selecting your favorite 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, etc. aspect ratios a snap, when presented on suitable CinemaScopeTM 2.35:1 widescreens.

TXF-1100 Laser 4K HDR projektor