Wolf Cinema TXF-500

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Wolf Cinema blev grundlagt i 2008 og er et privatejet selskab, med hovedkontor i Berkeley, Californien. Virksomheden leverer nogle af de fineste billedfremvisnings muligheder for hjemmebiografer og med avancerede video og billede teknologier og deres ”core light engine” system som repræsenterer højdepunktet i en fremragende hjemmebiograf oplevelse.

Wolf Cinema’s TXF-500 “Theater Extreme” UHD/4K Cinema Projector

Wolf Cinema is proud to offer yet another amazing 4K home theater projector in the Theater Extreme series – model TXF-500 – a projector that delivers all the renowned Wolf Cinema imaging excellence, yet at a price that won’t break your home theater budget.
It’s a rare day indeed that one projector can offer so much, producing an incredible image that rivals competitive solutions two, three or even four times its price! But the Wolf Cinema team has broken all the rules, and now proudly offers a solution that will no doubt grace many home theaters around the world.
The ideal complement to 10-12’ wide home theater screens, the TXF-500 is engineered around Texas Instruments latest 0.44” UHD/4K DLP® imaging chip set, producing ultra-sharp, color accurate images from all your favorite SD, HD and Ultra HD/4K sources. You’ll enjoy incredibly sharp and dynamic images, deep contrast renderings, superior color performance and more from all favorite sources - including those embedded with the latest HDR10 (High Dynamic Range) imaging cues. Such 4K sources can be presented in the most accurate ways possible, and our team even includes a unique HDR emulation mode for non-HDR encoded sources.
The Wolf Cinema team provides our custom processing algorithms, thus ensuring the best possible picture from all 2D and 3D sources. For enhanced performances choose from one of our optional 4K video ProScalers, which serve as the heart of your high definition imaging ecosystem. Multiple HDMI 4K60p inputs and outputs – with 18Gbps throughput – facilitate connection to both the projector and AV system components. Advanced processing and signal management tools ensure the very best picture possible from all SD, HD and Ultra HD sources. Plus, the ProScaler’s E-VariScopeTM technology makes selecting your favorite 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, etc. aspect ratios a snap, when mated up with suitable CinemaScopeTM 2.35:1 widescreens.

TXF-500 4K HDR projektor